Eka-Bio-PicMy True Identity

Eka, aka SuperSpark, can be found lying in the sun, engaging in real-life Jedi training, co-opting other people’s dogs at local parks, and enjoying the collective radiance of his amazing friends and family.

When not doing these things, Eka coaches and trains individuals and organizations to concentrate vision and passion, build mental-emotional mastery, overcome stress and negativity, enhance wellness and performance, and create value-aligned success. He draws from a rich set of potent modalities, both ancient and modern, to bring out the most vibrant, most creative and most powerful in people.

To this end he founded the company Empowered Journey in 2009, and created the League of Awesomeness community as a home for the growing number of awakening real-life Superheroes.

Eka offers his services through the Hero’s Training one-on-one coaching, the East Bay SuperHero Bootcamp, the Hero’s Home Program, regular articles and videos, and workshops both live and virtual.


Real Name: Justin Sarno

Aka: SuperSpark, Sparky, Arya

Visionary Superpower: The ability to ignite and catalyze another’s inner Superhero.  As well, he wields the power to remove victimizing excuses from other reluctant or disbelieving inner Superheroes.

Catch Phrase: ‘Go forth and be awesome!’

Training and Qualifications:

  • Stress and Energy Management Training (285 hours)
  • Kinesiology, Somatics and Functional Movement
  • Performance and Empowerment Yogas (Aharaj Yoga, 150 hours)
  • Leadership Training (CTI, 205 hours)
  • Transformational NLP (NLPMarin, 72 hours)
  • Developmental and Positive Psychology
  • Grief and Bereavement Training (Josie’s Place, 100 hours)
  • Life Coaching and Deep Changework (CTI)
  • Entrepreneurship and Conscious Capitalism
  • Permaculture & Living Systems Management (2,500+ hours)
  • Yoga Alignment, Breath and Asana (Ashtanga, Viniyoga, Kriya, Jivamukti, 11 years ongoing)
  • Tantric Yogas/Raja Yoga, and Sacred/Therapeutic Dances  (Siberian/Mongolian, 200 hours)
  • Buddhist (Theravada, Tibetan, Zen) and Nondual Meditation (2,500+ hours in formal retreat meditation, 11 years ongoing)

Favorite Movies: Princess Bride; Lord of the Rings; The Dark Crystal
Favorite Books/Authors: Tolkien; Mistborn Trilogy; Dune Series
Favorite Songs: ‘Over the Rainbow’ by IZ, ‘Ya Burnt’ by Starship Amazing, ‘Ang Sang Wahe Guru’ by Shimshai
Favorite Video Games: Journey; Zelda Series; Portal
Favorite TV: Avatar, the Last Airbender; Cowboy Bebop; Dragon Ball Z
Favorite Activities: Any excuse to ride my motorcycle; Aharaj Yoga (Martial Yoga); Long ponderous walks at night

Secret Weaknesses: Being disconnected from nature and other real-life SuperHeroes. Entertainment overstimulation. Having to make a big purchasing decision while in BestBuy. Bad chinese food.

Team Affiliation: Chief Energy Officer of the League of Awesomeness

The Origin Story of SuperSpark:

Early Years

2 yearsEka Joti–aka SuperSpark, born Justin Sarno–was raised in a loving and dynamic family. From a young age, he was drawn to both the nerdy and the natural realms of existence.

It was the 80’s, and he found himself surrounded by sci-fi, comic books and video games- not to mention the hardcore science atmosphere created by his extended family (including an astrophysicist, a medical doctor, and a laser physicist).

Yet his immediate and extended family were also gifted artists, musicians and philosophers, always encouraging Eka to explore and discover through many mediums. As well, he moved often in his youth, being exposed to many locations, climates, and subcultures.

Thanks to his parents, Eka grew up connected to raw nature, which his family regularly explored in Colorado, California, Hawai’i, Pennsylvania and abroad.

Eka would often delve into the inner realms of imagination- known to play alone for hours with rocks and trees and dirt and such- yet could also extrovert with high-energy play and expression. He had an intense focus and insatiable curiosity, and his memories of life at that time were easeful and magical. His parents observed that he was often totally immersed in his world, which Eka experienced as flowing and full.

Teen Years and the Arising of the Nemesis


Around the age of 16, Eka became by degrees more and more introspective.  They were the existential questions that kept him searching, through science, philosophy, and art…and of course sex, drugs and punk rock.

But his searching only turned up more and more dissatisfaction.  Parents, clergy, scientists, friends…no one seemed to have the answers that truly satiated.  The closest Eka got at this time was through books exploring meta-physics and quantum physics, and shamanic worldview.

During this time of restless seeking, Eka succumbed to negative attitudes and beliefs, sickness and depression, high stress and overwhelm, and a general bottoming-out of life.  The disconnection and apathy that took him were symbolic his withdrawal from his own life and the arising of the Nemesis.

Following one of the most archetypal Villain origin stories, the Nemesis was created by Eka himself- though unknowingly.  Its purpose was simple and altruistic: protect Eka from the chaotic, destructive, and ignorant energies rampant in our world.  How?  By a total withdrawal of personal energy.  If you don’t ante up, you can’t lose.  Right?


Adulthood and Fierce Grace

EkaBodyPic1Eka’s first lesson in energy management was this: you can’t quit playing the game AND stay alive–at least not very well for very long.

In its noble attempts to protect, the Nemesis had unwittingly begun to deplete Eka, through a steady diet of apathy and negativity.  The result was a gradual wasting away of vitality, experienced in the body, mind and emotions.  Eka was dying.

And caught between a desire to withdraw from the world, and a need to stay in it, he came to an inner breaking point.

And in breaking, he prayed.  For the first time in his stubborn and cynical adult life, he prayed for relief.  A true moment of transformation, Eka felt fear…deep, gut-wrenching, soul shaking fear.  The fear of imminent annihilation.

And this was the beginning of his inner ignition.  7 years of fierce grace and self-healing followed, through many teachers and traditions, culminating in the crystallization of a new personal calling: “Train people as you have been trained.  Help them first to find relief, and then their true power.”

This crystallization was only the beginning of a new phase, as Eka realized that he lacked the personal energy mastery to realize this purpose.  For though he had done much healing and transformation, he was far from impeccable and losing precious energy to addictions and negative attitudes.

Finally, with a clear mission in mind, he connected with masters of energy management and self-transformation, and began his training in the Arts of Energetic Empowerment and Protection.

In late 2009, Eka took up the mantle as SuperSpark, fully committing his life to igniting the inner Superheroes of as many people as he could.

SuperSpark enjoys his eclectic life, his wonderful friends and family, his teachers, and his amazing students and clients.  His professional identity–for the time being–is as a coach and trainer of wellness, fulfillment, performance and leadership for awakening Superheroes.

‘Nuff said.