Attention: please read the New Heroes Briefing
before reading the Awesomeness Accord.

#1 We accept that we are Superheroes built for Awesomeness.

Understanding the League’s definition of Awesomeness, we understand that this possibility of Awesomeness is in-built–a part of our human inheritance.

As children, we couldn’t help it–we exuded Awesomeness everywhere. We launched into life; we lived our excitement. We didn’t hold back, and we didn’t make concessions for who we were.

And though we may sometimes stray from this truth, we acknoweldge that we are hard-wired for awesomeness. Our task then is to identify and clear out the accumulated gunk that says we aren’t or don’t deserve to be awesome and experience an awesome life.

#2 We view our daily life as a creative (Super)Hero’s Journey.

Adventure, magic, wonder, challenge, inspiration, discovery–we draw meaning and depth from the archetypal journey of the Hero.

We understand and actively take on the attitude and perspective that life is essentially a positive experience, something that is here for our benefit.

We look to our daily, seemingly ordinary life experiences as a chance to explore limitless potential within and around us. Thus, we take full responsibility for being here, for owning the journey, and for discovering our personal legend.

#3 We are here for each other as much as for ourselves.

awesomenessObserving and understanding our inherent fellowship–our essential interconnection and need for cooperation–we create a nurturing sense of community and inclusivity.

We look out for each other; we learn from each other; we challenge each other–this is our commitment as Superheroes.

Beyond this, we realize we are in relationship with everyone and everything around us–’we are all downstream’ as is said.

This means that we pursue our individual destinies while minimizing any negative impact on the unfolding destinies of others.

#4 We see our whole life as a personalized Hero’s training ground.

Instead of creating artificial or contrived experiences for development, we look to our workplaces, our relationships and our lifestyles to sharpen us.

We actively create evolutionary edges by observing with imaginative and inspired eyes, seeing the ways in which our surroundings form our 360º whole-being training gym.

Stressed and fatigued from your job? Annoyed at your partner? Feeling uninspired by your lifestyle?

Instead of reaching for buffers to numb out this discomfort (meaningless food, tv, drugs, sex, etc.), we make use of this rich feedback to learn about our personal edges and adventurously level-up our lives.

joker-figure#5 We consciously leave behind the Inner Villains of shaming, shoulds, blame, and victimization.

We acknowledge that creating motivation through negative self-reenforcement has been a part of our past, but is not a part of our future.

We all fall back into negative ways of being and doing from time to time–critical of ourselves and others, feeling heavy, uninspired or even hopeless.

But here and now, we take a stand to leave behind our self-sabotaging approaches, instead actively cultivating positive life strategies.

#6 Holistic Wellness–understanding the complex living system of you.

Relationships. Diet. Environment. Thoughts. Posture. Clothing. Habits. Breath. Community. Career.

We understand that whole-being fitness and life excellence involves all pieces together–body, mind and heart. We realize that we cannot attain authentic or sustainable success in one area of our lives by sacrificing another.

Wellness, happiness, prosperity…we commit to a training and lifestyle that reflects an integral approach to life and its journey, addressing and evolving each piece of ourselves in relation to all others pieces and to the whole.

#7 We honor all systems, and use what works.

We are not slaves to dogmas, philosophies, religions, culture or ‘the norm’. We use what works, the parts that work, for as long as they work. The content found here ranges from 10,000 year old technology to cutting-edge wisdom.

We make use of intelligent, appropriate, efficient, and fun methods to level up our lives. We do not deform ourselves to fit the system, rather we find systems that meet us in our unique qualities and needs.

It may be parkour, or Tibetan yogas or finger painting; regardless we realize that all systems have inherent value and must be approached with a sense of context and practicality.

#8 We Lead as We Learn

We are not perfect–we are in process. We accept that we will get things wrong, mess up and generally fall on our faces.  Yet we also accept that we are being called on to act: to walk our talk, for the benefit of ourselves and for others.

In essence, we are waking up to ourselves as leaders. The League is here to catalyze your leadership; to galvanize your integrity, empowerment and service.

#9 We are here to enjoy a full, engaged and epic life.

At the end of the day, the League is about living a fully awake and awe-inspiring life. We are not here to hold back, to dim ourselves, or to play small.

We explore our perceived limitations, stretch into them with skill and purpose, and experience life in ever more full iterations–this is the archetypal movement from ‘victim’ to ‘visionary’.

We are potential and expansive beyond any labels or past limits, and the League is a community embodiment of living in this realization.