League Transmissions: Updates and Announcements

Humble Lessons and Inspired Visions: New Years Reflections!

New Years marks a moment to reflect on lessons learned and visions sparked. And as I said last year in my 2013 New Years blog, what I value most is an ever deepening connection to one’s true source of inner power, brought forward through deliberate choices and committed behavior.

The League of Awesomeness is built on the reality that we each have massive untapped potential to live truly meaningful, impactful and inspired lives, yet this potential must be …

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Celebrating Birthdays like a Superhero

For us Superheroes, celebrating birthdays is about more than just an annual acknowledgement that you were born; they are the remembrance of WHY you were born–a celebration of the unique configuration of qualities and superpowers that you bring to this world and the epic quests you are here to fulfill.

Today is my birthday. I am 32 years old. Though my first 32 years have been chock full of awesomeness, I am just getting started. I yet have …

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You look different…

Hey Hero. You may have noticed that something has changed here at the League of Awesomeness.

Through a very generous combined grant from Stark Industries and Wayne Enterprises, we have been able to blast our techno-fitted headquarters into low geo-synchronous orbit directly above the South Pole.

And though our cosmic HQ is open to any Hero that wishes to visit and make use of the facilities, it is not quite fully functional (and no, it is not a Deathstar).

We …

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