Power-Up Guides


Subdue stress, create inner quiet, activate creativity, super-charge your immune system, boost productivity, shrug off negativity…

The League’s Power-Up Guides are an ever-expanding library of ‘pay-what-you-wish’ self-trainings in a wide range of techniques of wellness, life excellence and leadership.

Each one is crafted with your success in mind, guiding you through a graduated curriculum that introduces key principles made real through powerful mind-body technologies.

Each guide is a stand-alone training, yet the guides as a whole work together to reenforce essential understandings and abilities of whole life empowerment.

League Transmissions (Blog)


The League transmits updates to Superheroes around the world on a regular basis.

These transmissions differ from the Power-Up Guides in a few ways:

• They are meant to inspire you to explore deeper through a related Power-Up Guide or external resource

• They are immediately available in a blog-based format

• They are lite and easier to read: less content, more bullet points, easily accessible

• They allow and encourage comments, free sharing, with the intention of sparking greater conversation


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