Toward proving the shared reality of consciousness and the universe

Today we bring you a tantalizing and controversial video by Dr. John Hagelin. A life’s work attempting to bridge the Science of Awesomeness with the Spirit of Awesomeness; where the experiencer of personal consciousness meets the reality of the universe.

This, to say the least, is an ambitious undertaking. Course, it does help that the good doctor is a particle physicist, child protege, genius, life-long transcendental meditation practitioner and, in my view, a damn fine speaker.

It is also worth point out that even with much respect, many published papers, unique patents and a long list of high academic achievements, Professor Hagelin has been publicly ridiculed by colleagues and even by Harvard University itself, receiving the mocking Ig Nobel Prize for his life-long efforts to make scientific correlations between the field of consciousness and the unified field or superstring field.


No, I am not a proponent of the new age movie The Secret. No, I do not assume everything Dr. Hagelin is saying as right.

Yet, I do maintain that skepticism is an open-minded state, and I applaud Dr. Hagelin for speaking boldly about his own experiences and research, while knowing the public flak it would bring. Further, I welcome the conversations that such thought ignites. How do you choose to respond to the video below, and what does this say about your own world-views and life purposes?

The Threat of Vision

To me, the backlash Dr. Hagelin has experienced drives at something very unfortunate in our modern society, and very prevalent in our scientific community–fear of change and the unknown. Challenging the status quo by pushing the boundaries of the known usually comes along with persecution.

A similar story is found in the life of the visionary economist Brian Arthur for his (at the time) radical theories on increasing returns and complexity. He spent 10 years trying to get his radical paper on the subject published, and experienced so much ensuing hassle that he actually left his faculty chair position at Standford.

Only later, do we find out that during the time of his radical work–which eventually went on to be highly praised and accepted–Mr. Arthur was also pursuing intensive inner work with a Taoist master. Food for thought.

To me, Professor Hagelin and Mr. Arthur are scientists in the truest sense of the word, studying reality from both outside observer and inside experiencer perspectives. This is where yoga, science and peak human potential all come together.

On Consciousness & Superstring Unified Field Theory

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