Heroic Services

The Hero’s Training

1:1 Life Empowerment Coaching and Training Program

This is a full-being training: attention, energy, power, clarity, action, transformation and follow-through. A 3-month Hero’s Journey that will change your life.

*Not for those wishing to remain victims of their own circumstance.

The Superhero Bootcamp

Group Holistic Fitness and Wellness Program

Sweat, strengthen, detox and define your new life in a 6-week, bootcamp-style trainng program with the support of other health-minded heroes.

The Hero’s Home Program

Online Life Empowerment Program for the Hero at Home

Not in the Bay Area yet eager to transform your life?  Have no fear!  The 3-month Hero’s Home Program was made just for you.

Yoga for Superheroes

Superhero Self-Care

Take holistic wellness to its peak through yoga fitness work with Eka in private and class settings.