The Hero’s Home Program

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Entrepreneurs, Executives, Coaches, Teachers, Trainers, Artists, Healers, Writers…

Awakening Superheroes!

Become healthier, happier, more productive and more prosperous in 3 months.

Designed for those that:

• Don’t have a lot of time to spare, and need to get more energy and more time now (program takes about 2 hours a week)

• Are ready to just feel good, with more focus, more clarity and more purpose, without the need of purchasing special foods, exercise equipment, pills or extra materials

• Want to drop the daily energy-drains and stress-outs, quickly getting you to celebrating your life

• Deserve the skilled attention of a life coach and personal trainer

• Want to truly understand and embody the secrets of manifesting your dream life (this is really possible!), and translate positive inner vision into powerful outer success

• Have gone through confusing, difficult or even ineffective programs and are searching for the real deal

Program Benefits:

• Immediately learn simple and powerful techniques to clear ‘blah’ or ‘arghhh!’ energy and feel again like the cool-headed Superhero you are.

• Learn the master methods for creating positive behaviors, patterns and internal dialogue, and put them to use for you! (easy once you understand the mechanics)

• Discover your inner strengths and what makes you come alive (you will be amazed), and learn how to source your choices and actions from this place of power.

• Elevate your bottom line in 6 months or less, by harmonizing your inner energy, outer actions, and overall lifestyle. (People love to pay you when you do what you love well)

What You Get:

• All the training videos, guided audios and resource sheets for the program: $500

Step-by-step guidance at all levels with multimedia instructions that are simple, direct and effective.

• 1 60 minute ‘Ignition Session’ with Eka (over phone or skype): $85

Start your training with clarity and power; meet one-on-one with Eka at the beginning of your program.

• 1 60 minute ‘Integration Session’ with Eka (over phone or skype): $85

Transition from the program into your next adventure with personal guidance from Eka.

• Empowerment Partner or Group (when available): $150

Get teamed up with other visionary Superheroes to stay connected, accountable, and celebratory.

• 28-Day ‘Expanding Awesomeness’ Program: $100

When the program ends, your journey continues. This is a 28-day step-template for achieving any commitment you want to create in your life.

Total Value= $920
You Pay $297

Not sure you have the free time to finish in 3 months? No problem–you have access to this program for life. I am always updating and adding new content, so check back often!

Full Money Back Guarantee

home-programAre you meeting the program requirements and not seeing the results promised? Just send me an email and I’ll happily refund your investment.

This policy is good for 90 days from the date of purchase, to make sure you have time to sink your teeth in and experience the results for yourself (though you will see significant results in just a few weeks).

Not enough time to do the whole program in the next 3 months? Rest easy. The program is yours to access 24/7 at any moment for the rest of your life (barring acts of god or government).

Purchase: The Hero’s Home Program–$297

From 0 to Hero: Everything you need to start up and break through to fulfillment and prosperity, using simple, step-by-step videos, audios, and resource sheets.