Humility and Vision: A Transparent New Year’s Reflection

Humility and Vision: A Transparent New Year’s Reflection

I value real transformation; meaningful and deep blossoming over time. The League’s approach to life is built on this fundamental value of growth and unfoldment. And what follows is my New Year’s Reflection, Superhero style.

In order to assess if some principle, intention or practice is really producing the transformation that we are intending, we must be honest with ourselves, with our process–what worked and what didn’t work.

So as 2012 comes to a close, I have been reflecting on four main areas of 2012, with an intention to share these reflections with you. They are:

  1. My main intentions for this past year
  2. My 2012 personal power-ups (where I stepped into greater truth)
  3. My 2012 ‘humbling blocks’ (where am still stumble)
  4. My evolving 2013 visions

I offer these reflections from a few different perspectives:

  • As a small business owner
  • As an awake man
  • As a partner to an amazing woman
  • As a human figuring all this out on the fly

It is important that I am vulnerable in these sharings.  My transparency is meant to serve a few purposes:

  1. You see me and my achievements as normal, human and possible
  2. You have more examples of the non-linear, nitty gritty process of life empowerment
  3. You become inspired to reflect on your own year in this way
  4. You become inspired to step forward into the new year informed by your personal reflections

I am keeping this review to the top five reflections in each category; please know that this year has been immeasurably full of all the things that make human life so rich.  I leave it to your imagination to fill in the gaps =)

Faded flower

2012 Intentions

  1. To build a successful brand that excites and inspires me, as well as others
  2. To co-create a completely blame-free and victim-free relationship with my partner
  3. To take myself to the next level of holistic wellness and personal empowerment
  4. To give myself 100% to my clients’ fulfillment and transformation (to become a bad-ass super-coach and trainer)
  5. To create a high integrity and healthy relationship with financial and legal aspects of my personal life and business

Personal Power-Ups

new year's resolutions

Leadership is in my blood.
I have had an old story that I need to tone back how naturally I lead so that I don’t offend people and thus ostracize myself.  I am a born leader, and if I don’t step up into vibrant, un-compromising leadership, I am unhappy and unfulfilled.

Life is easeful.
I had an old assumption that this process of living needs to be a struggle, a hard fought journey, inherently difficult.  I have decided to celebrate a perspective and approach that empowerment, enlightenment and fulfillment are easeful, playful, fun–in short, an adventure to look forward to.

Build it (awesomely), and they will come.
This year saw the League’s first major launch of a new service–The Superhero Bootcamp.  The bootcamp also marked a new level of my skill with the process of empowered visioning and manifesting.  It was created from an inspired, empowered and grateful place in me, and after two filled and successful bootcamps I am awed to see it is also creating inspired, empowered and grateful clients.

There is room enough for all of me.
This phrase comes from the wise and lovely Zoe Wild.  Excited to build a brand and lifestyle that celebrated all of me, I had to face the painful belief that if I really brought all of my quirky and unorthadox self, I would quickly find myself alone and out of business.  Understanding and composting this fear, I made room for amazing people and situations to flood into my life, making me richer in every way.

I am a resourceful survivor.
Some of you know that earlier this year, I went through something incredibly shocking and difficult.  This is not the venue to get into the details, but it is enough to know that this was the most painful and challenging experience I have ever been through.

Not only did I survive it, but my spirit empowered the obstacle to become one of my greatest life lessons and personal awakenings.  Situations may rip us to shreds at times, yet our inner self always has the resources to meet it.

Humbling blocks

new year's resolutions

I still lose my cool at times with my partner.
A wise and observing part of me is shouting ‘No! What are you doing? Turn back before any real damage is done!’  But the petty, angry and scared part of me is like ‘fuck it, it’s worth coming out on top!’

I still don’t give myself the sleep I need.
I usually get 6+ hours of sleep, but sometimes I stay up past all obvious indications of what is healthy and helpful.  I don’t want to let go of the day; I feel a neurotic impulse to think more and do more.

I still have tightness around money and abundance.
This one has gone through such transformation this year, that I am quite proud of my journey.  Yet there is still a foot tentatively planted in the belief of scarcity and lack that, winning this one of my top humbling block spots.

I get resist giving up control in situations which my ego labels as ‘serious’.
My ego’s view? ‘I can do it better’.  The beautiful truth here is that this comes from my qualities of vision and leadership.  The block is that these qualities are co-oped by fears of failure and screwing up, and hampers deeper collaboration with others–especially in business and romantic relationship.

When situations get too intense, I can withdraw, wall up and numb out.
It’s an old pattern, and very cancerian.  I can feel so much in myself and around me that I trip a circuit breaker.  The thing is, my wiring has been upgraded quite a bit, but the fuse box doesn’t always remember that.

2013 Visions

Unveiling the League 2.0 (and all the awesome that comes with it)
In the last quarter of 2012, I realized that not only do I want to create a brand that inspires and excites, but also unites toward a common purpose of wellness, fulfillment and leadership.

Though I will do a post soon the focuses entirely on this new phase for the League, I can share a few of the emerging features: real life Hero Quests, The Codex (free Power-Up Guides and articles for holistic fitness, life fulfillment and visionary leadership) and the Nexus (an online forum and community space to coordinate our Superheroic actions).

Launching the Awesome Academy
This is a hint of the big reveal, and I am not yet going to say too much about this.  Suffice it to say that it is the most exciting plan that I am currently developing, that it will launch in early 2013, and that it will involve 15 of you taking a profound journey into the heart of life empowerment, wellness and identity transformation.

Activating Superhero Bootcamp 3.0
April brings the third session of our bootcamp to the East Bay.  I’ve been taking the winter to upgrade the bootcamp, bringing in new elements while refining old ones.  The bootcamp is so special for me because it endeavors to give people a solid foundation in ‘holisitic fitness’…where all parts of oneself are toned and strengthened.

Enriching and expanding my ‘network of inspiration’
At both personal and professional levels, I am excited to blossom my relationships.  I am especially focusing on face-to-face interactions, and increasing intimacy through identifying and letting go of assumptions that keep real intimacy at bay.

This expansion includes the updated League community, my growing community of leaders, my amazing Men’s group, my partner and many, many others.

Staying open, available, and playfully alert to spontaneous inspiration
As a born strategist and systems thinker, it has taken my adult self some time and hard won lessons to realize that I must always make room for spontaneous inspiration, or as is sometimes said, ‘make space for spirit to enter’.

Some of my best ideas have come from sitting in the question, from dropping into the void of not knowing or not having the answer (this includes the League, the Bootcamp and the Academy).  This process gets even better when it is done from a sense of play and adventure.

Your Turn!

So your LifePlay for this week is to reflect on these four areas of the 2012-2013 transition:

  1. Your 2012 personal power-ups
  2. Your 2012 ‘humbling blocks’
  3. Your main intentions for this past year
  4. Your evolving 2013 visions

If you feel inspired to share some or all with the League community, please share below =)

Wishing you so much excitement, adventure and fulfillment in 2013,
Eka, aka SuperSpark

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2 Responses to Humility and Vision: A Transparent New Year’s Reflection

  1. This was exciting to read your post. I appreciate your clarity and writing style. It is exciting and inspiring. Especially your visioning for 2013.



    • Much appreciated Diablo.
      Visioning is a powerful practice, especially when it is balanced by staying flexible to the process and allowing the outcome to shift as the situation evolves.

      I say this mainly because all good visions have a life of their own, and if we hold rigidly to stage one (ooo a caterpillar!) we will unintentionally block stage two (or three or four) from ever occurring (butterfly!!!).

      I invite you to share some of your current visions for the rest of this year =)