Life Coaching and training for
real-life Superheroes

Eka helped me take the leap and launch my own business in a way that aligns with my truths, and supports creative and financial sustainability.
-Kirthi, Media Producer, Cinemagical Media

Fellow Hero,

I have made it my Not-So-Secret Mission to help you empower your potential, rise above all that holds you back and live a passionate, fulfilling and prosperous life. This is the essence of Life Coaching.

To start, do any of these Inner Supervillains sound familiar?

• Sinister Stress and Burnout the Barbarian

Negativity at home and work drowning out your life enjoyment, meaningful relationships and even health.

• The Ener-geezer

Knowing you are capable of so much more, but at times slogging through dull, fatigued, and unreliable energy.

• The Self-Worth Slayer

Giving away your energy to old patterns and draining relationships, missing great opportunities by playing the defeated doormat.

• Equi-liminator

Life-work balance all but vaporized due to hyper-focus, insurmountable agendas and compulsive action that leave little room for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

• Doctor Disconnect and the Amnesiaddict

Waking up to a life that doesn’t feel like your own, and wondering where that sense of meaning and purpose went.

• Diminishmentor

Realizing you have gotten caught in a pattern of playing it safe, playing small or not even playing at all.

 I’m not checked out, I’m not stressed out, I’m not anxious–I can actually show up and be present. My life is so much more abundant and joyful now.
-Scott, Head of Production, Multinational Retail Store

I see you Hero, and call you forth!

Imagine your life with these Superpowers:

• Fulfillment Flame

Ignite your life as it is meant to be–with personalized purpose and the fulfillment that comes from acting on it.

• Negative Charge Ejecter

Immediately clear stress, fatigue, resistance and negative patterns whenever they arise.

• BioElectric Armor Resiliency (B.E.A.R.)

Be unphased by the negative actions, words and energy of co-workers, other people and environments through simple mind, body and breath training.

• Giant Growth Serum

Learn the techniques to grow your super self so big that previously overwhelming tasks, situations and relationships become no sweat.

• Inspiration Infinitum

Quickly and reliably tap focus, creativity and mental clarity to create time–and energy–efficient choices.

• Balance Beam

Strike a fulfilling balance in your daily life, nourishing all parts of your multi-dimensional self by understanding personal values and acting in alignment with them.

• Abundancing

Groove to the secrets of inner and outer prosperity, generating the energy, $ and social support you require to thrive.

• Vision Vision

See and live your inspired vision from a place of clarity, confidence and trust.

• A Committed Super-Sidekick

Benefit from the continual one-on-one support of a Life Coach and Personal Trainer in one!

Eka has given me a whole new set of tools for approaching life…I found the physical and energetic practices to be very helpful in approaching psychological sticky spots. Eka’s unique blend of mind and body connective activities helped me address my symptoms in a very basic way that both reduced their occurrence and severity.
-Kayte, CTO of a Medical Device Startup

A bit about me

Through my own journey, I have learned that the bigger and more powerful your life purpose, the more inner energy and outer support you will need to realize it.

And this is where my own journey and superpowers come in.

I specialize in the human body and mind, having trained intensively for over 12 years in the science of life empowerment and excellence.

I have been and continue to be trained by high-level professionals that are energy masters, successful professionals and genuinely happy people.

Together you and I will ignite your Inner Superhero–the awesomely alive and abundant, passionately powerful person that you were designed and built to be.

Life Coaching for Superheroes

Rather than feeling victimized, I am now curious about how I help create my experience of the world. Eka’s way empowers me to find my strength and to remember who I am outside of circumstance. I am learning to see my patterns clearly and compassionately.
-Sarah, Author and Yoga Teacher

Typical Superhero Coaching Session

Remember: The state of your energy is your most important resource in life. Unstressed, vibrant and focused energy allows you to:

• Stay on-purpose as you navigate daily life, honoring your integrity and fulfilling personal goals

• Stay professionally engaged without bringing home stress and negativity to loved-ones

• Serve more clients/customers and still feel great at the end of the day

• Expand your professional enterprise while shrinking your stress and avoiding burnout

• Attract potential friends or partners that uplift and empower you

• Create inspired work that speaks powerfully, without struggle or strain

• Meet potential employers and clients with attractive, charismatic and confident energy

• Be more productive in shorter periods of time, and feel better doing it

Take your life to its next heroic level:

1. Fill out the short form below to apply for your complementary 60-minute Ignition Session with me. Answer authentically and fully, as this will help me to see if you are a good fit for this work.

2. Check out the Tales of Awesomeness from other Heroes that have come before you, and connect with inspiration and the truth that something more is possible for you too.

3. Officially Join Up as a heroic member of the League of Awesomeness to become a part of the community and immediately receive four specialized trainings in mastering stress and negativity.

I have lit the super-signal, and await your heroic appearance.

In awesomeness,
Eka, aka SuperSpark

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