You look different…

You look different…

Hey Hero. You may have noticed that something has changed here at the League of Awesomeness.

Through a very generous combined grant from Stark Industries and Wayne Enterprises, we have been able to blast our techno-fitted headquarters into low geo-synchronous orbit directly above the South Pole.

And though our cosmic HQ is open to any Hero that wishes to visit and make use of the facilities, it is not quite fully functional (and no, it is not a Deathstar).

We are still in an adjustment phase, working out the system snags, adding features and services.

So please explore; take advantage of all the resources we have gathered here, and also let us know of any errors or issues you come across through our contact page. Also feel free to let us know of any aspects of user experience that you don’t enjoy or find unnecessary (or aspects that you do enjoy!).

The League will go fully live with the new HQ soon, and this will be announced through an official League Transmission. If you have not officially joined the League, you can do so by clicking below.

Join the League

Join The League

So, what are you waiting for? Try any of these currently available services, and check back regularly for additional services and content. And as always, remember that Awesomeness is your origin and your destiny.


The Awesomeness Accord: Our simple yet profound guiding agreements; our touchstones for living as real-life Superheroes and agents of Awesomeness.

• The Construct: This is where Heroes undergo their deepest training. The Construct offers a range of in-person and self-led training services from fitness bootcamps, to group coaching, to home programs. Though the training structures are varied, they all hone in on creating authentic transformation in the areas of fitness, life excellence and leadership.

• The Codex: A concentrated center of online resource, the Codex is a living library of training tools, empowerment principles and embodied practices organized into Power-Up Guides. The Codex also records and catalogues the League Transmissions (Blogs) for your convenient access.

• The Index: For records on Eka’s personal transformation into SuperSpark, as well as the enshrined adventures of other League Heroes, explore the Index. Looking for professional services of other League Heroes? Check out ‘My Personal Heroes’.

Eka, aka SuperSpark

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