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  • ‘Stroke of Insight’–Jill Taylor’s Amazing Ted Talk

    A neruo-biologist watching herself suffer a massive stroke that almost kills her.

    An experiential ebb-and-flow between egoic individuality and collective consciousness.

    An 8 year journey of recovery.

    A mind of science deeply impacted by the experience of spirit.

    This is one of the most incredible talks I have ever experienced.

    We are the live-force power of the universe, with manual dexterity and two cognitive minds. We have the power to choose, moment by moment, who and how we want to

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    Meditation Superman Style–Find your Fortress of Solitude

    If you’re reading the League of Awesomeness posts, I’ll risk assuming that you already know of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

    If not, the quick origin story is this (the simplest of a few versions): A small crystalline artifact was entrusted in the escape pod that bore the baby Superman away from his dying planet of Krypton to Earth.

    Years later on Earth, the adult Superman activates this crystal artifact in the Arctic wastelands, and out of it grows an entire …

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    Humility and Vision: A Transparent New Year’s Reflection

    I value real transformation; meaningful and deep blossoming over time. The League’s approach to life is built on this fundamental value of growth and unfoldment. And what follows is my New Year’s Reflection, Superhero style.

    In order to assess if some principle, intention or practice is really producing the transformation that we are intending, we must be honest with ourselves, with our process–what worked and what didn’t work.

    So as 2012 comes to a close, I have been reflecting on …

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    Ralphie’s 7 Rules for Staying Healthy & Happy Through the Holidays

    You’ll shoot your eye out!

    Theme song to listen to while reading

    As we pass the mid-point of December, like clockwork I start to get a head-to-toe current of electric excitement. Is it the anticipation of time off? Is it the promise of presents? Is it the fabulous feasting?

    Nay, it is the seasonal arrival of Ralphie’s adventure through kid-dom that we fondly know as A Christmas Story.

    December marks my annual trip to the Parker family’s home of …

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    Magic Is Everywhere

    On days where I feel so far from all the awesomeness that is inside of me (yes, this does happen), it can feel like the whole world is grey and dull. Do you know what I mean?

    It’s on days like these that it becomes the MAIN PRIORITY to get me back in touch with the inner and outer magic.

    So I’ve made a video to help remind me when I am in need of magic remembering, and I offer …

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