Acupuncture/Nutrition: Marie Bowser

personal heroesMarie incorporates more than acupuncture and herbal medicine. She works with you collaboratively and motivates you to have awareness of how nutrition and lifestyle choices affect your health and wellbeing. This attention allows you to more quickly achieve your health goals and make changes that are sustainable.

She gives useful and important tools that you can use on your own, long after your time with her has ended. Her goal is to support you so that you can inhabit your body with ease and move through life with joy and spaciousness.

Her approach is holistic. When working with Marie, you are not only signing up for acupuncture; she calls on her patients to play an active role in changing their health.

She supports each patient with her unique combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine and lifestyle & nutrition coaching. Her training in massage therapy, qigong, reiki, meditation & mindfulness and energy work also inform her style of practice.

Marie is the whole package: heart, wisdom, technique and unflagging commitment to her clients. Between seeing clients, traveling, and generally asking a lot from my body and mind, my business success rests on my ability to recharge myself deeply and effectively. Marie’s work is an essential part of this recharge and success equation. If you are considering taking a meaningful step in your health and wellness, don’t think twice–Marie has what you need!

Bodywork: Adam Baraz

Adam-Baraz‘Samadhi Bodywork’ is a unique synthesis of bodywork and massage, cutting edge Somatic psychology, and awareness practice.

It’s designed to help you use your nervous system to access the ‘natural state of being’, which we’re not trained to do in this society.

Samadhi bodywork goes beyond the fleeting relaxation of a Swedish or Deep tissue massage–it is a re-education of the nervous system to experience absolute healing.

A massage from Adam is one of the highlights of my week, period. I run a very full schedule, and I need to continuously operate at a very high level physically, emotionally, and mentally. My regular massages with Adam keep me tuned up, stress free and on-point in my life. As far as I’m concerned, that’s invaluable.