Stress and Negativity Transformation Guide

Superhero IconsRecognize and quickly break old patterns of stress, energy loss and unhelpful negativity

Our most famous Power-Up Guide: this four-part training is taught by Gandalf, James Bond, Batman and Neo.

Learn how to master your stress response, gain emotional resilience over negativity, quickly release accumulating stress and tension, and ultimately uproot the core causes of stress and negativity.

This Power-Up Guide is provided for free upon joining the League.

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Desk Job Rejuvenation–Coming Soon!

On-call energy, focus and stress relief for when you can’t leave your desk

Empower your chair! De-stress your desk! Charge your cubicle!

Use this training to learn six simple yet powerful techniques to quickly rejuvenate yourself at the office. Cut your need for coffee, energy drinks and other temporary stimulants, while becoming more happy, more healthy and more productive.

Anyway can learn these methods, and start benefitting from them immediately. And as they are not products but practices, you have them for life.

This Power-Up Guide will be offered as a ‘pay what you want’ option.