[Event] Pranayama (Yogic Breathing) and Immortality with Eka in Hawai’i

Superheroes that wish to make a real difference must train themselves in peak energy, resilience and performance. Such energy comes from an ability to generate, maintain and magnify one’s biophysical resources. One of the most important skills for this is breath and energy control, which the yogis called ‘Pranayama’.

Pranayama is considered by yogis to be the path to immortality (amrita), as it gradually leads you back to the energetic source of all life, or ‘prana’. Being in healthy contact with this source leads to physical healing, emotional healing, personal revelation, mastery of one’s life and, as the yogis say, the ‘deathless’.

The Journey Inward

For me, I started out on the yogic path to heal my body, which was recovering from illness and injury at the time. Yet like the rabbit hole, the path of yoga brings one ever inward to more subtle and refined states of awareness and being.

Pranayama is a beautiful and skillful gateway that bridges the dense physical with the subtle physical. It is where the inner arts of real Jedi training begin.

So if you want to makes friends with your breath, heal naturally, feel more vibrant and alive, breathe with easy and level-up your overall energy and life, I have created an event just for you!

Fire Up Your Superhero Suit!


Time to strap on your rocket boosters, jet over to Hawai’i, and join me for a very special event:

Yogic Breathing

Forms for Stress Relief, Emotional Resilience,
and Re-invigorating your Practice

When: Sunday, August 4th
Time: 3-6pm

Event intro:
Join us in welcoming Eka Joti, visiting teacher from the San Francisco area, for a very special workshop introducing you to the healing power of your breath.

An exciting next step for practicing yogis, several breath forms (pranayama) will be introduced, along with asana, with detailed attention to alignment and technique.

With love,
Eka, aka SuperSpark

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