5 Ways to tell if you are a real-life Superhero

You’re a real Superhero. Hey, you don’t have to convince me–I see you inspired and active all over the place:

• Using your detective skills like Batman to hunt down the owner of the $4,000 you found on the street

• Helping envision and implement Denmark’s first bike-only highway

• Are part of independent yet collaborative groups worldwide creating a coherent and cohesive Occupy manifesto

Or maybe the most super-heroic action of all: random acts of high-fiving kindness:

In short–you are someone that deeply and essentially cares about this shared existence, and you make it your priority to live your life along these lines–through small and large actions, becoming ever more masterful.

Now, you may go one step farther, choosing to deliberately embody and express a unique and adventurous story of heroism. If this is the case, you are not only a real-life Superhero, you are my kind of Superhero =)

But like I said before, you don’t need to prove it to me—I know what to look for. Others may need a little help to see your inner awesome.

Or maybe, you are still searching for the evidence to prove to yourself that you are indeed a Superhero. Look no farther—see if you fit these 5 criteria below and you’ll have indisputable proof that you do indeed rock out in true Superhero style.

1. You deliberately take on a unique, inspiring and playful story of the (Super)Hero’s Journey.


The Superhero approach to life that I so love is playful, adventurous, full of possibility and discovery. And above all, it is fun!

Humor is crucial on this path. Why? It is a powerful counter-balance to the self-imposed seriousness that often permeates personal growth and self-empowerment.

With humor, we get to soften our rigid egos and beliefs about ourselves, and this in turn gives permission to others to do the same. And, as a sweet byproduct, well-humored people often are more successful in life.

A survey of 737 CEOs found that 90% of them would rather hire someone with a good sense of humor than someone with a more serious demeanor. So share with our community below the story and persona of your unique Superhero, that we may be inspired and encouraged.

2. You take response-ability for the world around you.

superheroYou embody responsibility; that is, the ability to respond—rather than react—to the real needs of the situations around you.

This is something that powerfully connects almost all comic book Superheroes—they act. They may not always have the perfect answer or strategy, but regardless they act as best they can.

There is fear, yes. There can be stress, pain and overwhelm. Yet, Superheroes don’t sit around, victimizing and complaining. They take responsibility—they commit to purposeful action. And so do you.

A great example of this in our modern pop-culture is Aang from the animated series ‘Avatar: the Last Airbender’. Many characters in this show are young, and all of them are portrayed as very human and fallible.

Aang embodies this Superhero/fallible human dichotomy most believably. Though he often struggles with what is asked or even expected of him, he tries his best to respond to the the needs of the moment. He is guided and empowered by his humanness, his compassion, his excitement, his honesty, and his wisdom.

What are some of the ways that you consciously take on greater response-ability in your daily life?

3. You know, own, and hone your unique superpowers (personal talents and gifts).

superheroSuperheroes are often most famous for (and often take their name from) their unique superpowers.

• Spiderman has his ‘Spidey Sense’ (and awkward emo-shyness)

• Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, has his inventor’s genius (and his playboy charisma)

• Batman has his mastery of tracking, detective skills and forensic science

• And of course Ma-Ti has heart

And you fellow hero—you have something amazing as well. Of course, we are always developing our talents, learning how to use them more effectively. Yet even now, you bring something completely unique to our shared situation.

Sometimes others don’t feel that they have anything special to offer. They put blinders on and are unable to see the awesomeness that you may see in them.

One of the most powerful things you can do for them is own, develop and express your own unique talents, while encouraging them to join you in the adventure.

So tell me hero, what are some of the very unique qualities, skills, points of view or that you bring to our shared human adventure?

4. You acknowledge and transform your triggers, your old wounds, your inner Supervillains.


As Superheroes, being challenged by Supervillains is part of the gig.

• Batman has his Joker: a villain that maniacally laughs at the Bat’s attempts at civilized and ordered justice

• Green Lantern has Sinestro: a once-hero-turned-villain that believed fear was a more powerful universal energy than positive will

• Profession X has Magneto: though both desire the prosperity of mutant-kind, this villain believes such a dream cannot be accomplished so long as humans control government and society

At the deeper psychological and emotional levels, every human that steps up into their true greatness must eventually face and overcome their personally tailored Supervillains. Fear, shame, doubt, anger—each of these energies is formidable and capable of great destruction until faced, appreciated and transformed.

I believe that one of the most profound things a human can do and model to others is to acknowledge and consciously work with their fears, limitations and personal wounds.

So please inspire us and give us greater courage by sharing your own fears, triggers and Supervillains.

5. You are a visionary—you live for a purpose that reaches beyond you.

superheroMy favorite Superheroes are the ones that have a vision of a better way of co-existing. They dedicate their lives to creating breakthroughs in science, the humanities, psychology and the like to evolve our species and our planet.

• Both the new Batman and Ironman movies show these creative billionaire geniuses dedicating themselves to creating clean and cheap energy technology that they plan to openly give to the world

• Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing gives his life more than once in forwarding our understanding of our ecosphere, the interconnectivity of humans and nature, and the need for ecological balance in our modern world

• Though the earlier takes on Superman had him espousing ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’, the more modern telling of Superman often has him expressing his desire to stop simply saving us from our own ignorances, and instead empower us to be our own heroes

So then, what is the visionary possibility you bring to us? Share with us the long-term dreams that bring you inspiration, purpose and courage.

Your heroism is undeniable.

superheroSo hero, speak forth and share your undeniable awesomeness:

1. How do you embody your own Superhero story?

2. What are some practical ways you exercise your heroic response-ability?

3. Own your unique gifts! What talents are you bringing to the party?

4. Self-honesty is what takes a hero to the next level. What are some of the personal Supervillains you face in your Superhero adventures?

5. What dreams, visions and deeper meaning guide your steps and refresh you heart?

In these five ways, you prove to yourself (most importantly), and also to the world around you that you are in-deed a real-life Superhero. And yes, you are also beautifully human—imperfect, messy and often a walking contradiction. And the truth of it is—so are Superheroes.

So go ahead and embrace your humanity and your Superheroism. Keep on and enjoy the ride.

Oh, one more thing. There is a reason so many Superheroes seek out companions and teams—Superhero’ing is challenging work. So too you can reach out to our community and get the support you need here at the League. You have more support than you may believe…

In certifiable awesomeness,
Eka, aka SuperSpark

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