Proof that Humans are Actual Shapeshifters

Much of the training I have undergone is built around the mastery of Shapeshifting. Essentially, shapeshifting is the ability to enter into different ‘states of being’ at will, to serve our highest aims.

A ‘state of being’ is the comprehensive experience and expression of oneself made up of various dimensions in a given moment: one’s mental and emotional states, one’s physical state, one’s focal point, one’s breath state, and at a subtle level, one’s energy state. In short, it’s the sum total of who you are, right here in this moment.

This state of being is not something intangible, hard to define or esoteric. It comes naturally to us. In fact, we are state changing all the time, every day. The issue is that we are usually doing it unconsciously and reactively, in a way that does not benefit our highest aims.

Think back to some recent moments where you found yourself in an unhelpful state of being, and yet were unable to break from that state. Maybe you watched yourself respond to someone in an incendiary way, fully knowing that it would not make matters better, yet continuing to do it compulsively.

Or recall a time where you were in such a positive state, that you were able to handle a really difficult situation that arose out of your control, turning a potential disaster into a breakthrough.

The bottom line is that our state of being is changing all the time; the question of the day is, ‘are you consciously choosing your state of being in a way that benefits your highest aims, or are you a victim to your states of being?’

shapeshiftingA Super for every situation…

The Purpose of Shapeshifting and the Pain of Losing It

The purpose of Shapeshifting:

To be able to consciously choose a specific inner attitude and outer affect that is resilient, resourceful, situation-specific and ultimately empowering toward our highest aims and goals.

shapeshiftingWhen I am doing deeper one-on-one or group work, we eventually always come to a point where someone’s inner protective mechanisms get triggered, resulting in a reactive, unconscious and poorly resourced individual. Such triggered states are the places where we end up sabotaging and exhausting ourselves, while simultaneously creating a situation we will inevitably have to clean up later. No fun for anyone.

While the League has plans to release a full Power-Up Guide on the art and science of Shapeshifting, I felt a strong urge to put this mini-article out to you to help you in developing your natural Shapeshifter.

Shapeshifting Support

From my own experience, I know that being stuck in unhelpful states is such a waste of this precious human life. So I have included three different videos to watch below; each is meant to guide you into a different empowered state of being.

And through these experiences, my hope is that you will remind yourself of the range of states that are available to you, and how you can use this ability to empower your life and show up as the natural Superhero you are.

So here is your task:

Give yourself a minute or two to watch one of the videos. Don’t worry about trying to shapeshift; simply let yourself be immersed in the experience of the video. As you watch, track your emotional, mental and/or physical self. Notice if you start to naturally shift into another state of being.

You may be able to label this new state, you may not. Labeling is not important; what is important is that you notice what it feels like to shift, and that you can shift. That’s it!

Once you finish the video, ask yourself one more question: ‘What feels possible from this new state of being?’ Because as was mentioned above, Shapeshifting is changing your state in order to empower your highest aims for yourself and for your world.

An Experience of Shapeshifting

If you found these videos helpful, my two invitations are to:

1. Start gathering a collection of videos, images and music that facilitates your Shapeshifting, for those moments when you need a little boost.

2. Share this on the social outlets you use, and with friends and family directly. We can all use help in this area.

Awesomely yours,
Eka, aka SuperSpark

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2 Responses to Proof that Humans are Actual Shapeshifters

  1. Eka, just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love this post and come back to these videos whenever I feel the need for a boost. They’re great. I’ve shared this article with a few people already and have started compiling my own shape-shifting videos. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Heck yea! If you find any especially potent videos, please share them with us. I just found another one; a short documentary on a retired doctor called ‘Slomo’, covered in the New York Times =)