Welcome Hero,
We’ve been expecting you…

Before taking your first heroic steps, two definitions of utmost importance:

• Awesomeness:

The inner experience and resulting outer expression of living in alignment with your highest truths, visions and excitements.

• Superhero:

One who–regardless of situation or circumstance–is learning to consistently be in and express from Awesomeness in their daily life, becoming more and more response-able for the state and evolution of their world.

Now on to your orientation:

Take a relaxing breath, feel your body, focus your mind, encourage your heart, and begin.

Step 1: Officially join the League

Announce yourself Hero! Take an epic stand for the values of wellness, fulfillment, leadership and cool looking costumes. Through joining, you automatically up the level of purpose and integrity in your life. Already joined up? Skip to step two.

Join the League

Join The League

Step 2: Read the League’s Awesomeness Accord

We Heroes maintain nine agreements that give structure and purpose to our community. As you read them, get beneath the words to the energy of the agreements; you will find that each agreement drives toward the same goal: life empowerment.

We may each word these nine agreements in different ways, yet unite around their common goal. Refer back to the Accord whenever you lose sight of the whole.

View Awesomeness Accord

Step 3: Familiarize yourself with the League’s new HQ

• The Nexus:

This area of the League contains the Hero Quests that our heroes undergo out in the world, along with the ever-growing community support forums. With the Nexus, you are never alone in your journey, and you always have a new adventure to take on.

• The Construct:

This is where Heroes undergo their deepest training. The Construct offers a range of in-person and self-led training services from fitness bootcamps, to group coaching, to home programs. Though the training structures are varied, they all hone in on creating authentic transformation in the areas of fitness, life excellence and leadership.

• The Codex:

A concentrated center of online resource, the Codex is a living library of training tools, empowerment principles and embodied practices organized into Power-Up Guides. The Codex also records and catalogues the League Transmissions (Blogs) for your convenient access.

• The Index:

For records on Eka’s personal transformation into SuperSpark, as well as the enshrined adventures of other League Heroes, explore the Index. Looking for professional services of other League Heroes? Check out ‘My Personal Heroes’.

Step 4: Shine the Super-Signal!

You play a critical role in other would-be-heroes finding this community and resource. Energize the expansion: LikeFollow and Subscribe, and whenever you feel inspired, share! (you can use the share buttons right below this post)

Hold yourself high, Hero. And know that you now walk with other committed wellness warriors.

Step 5: Begin your first Hero Quest

As you read these words, know that you stand at a critical crossroads in the journey of your life. Sadly, a human life is often dictated by unconscious inertia and reactivity. By arriving here, you toe the threshold of vast unrealized possibilities.

Start your first Hero Quest, and take heart that you have just begun your first steps as a real-life Superhero.

Hero Quest, Activate!