Create your own Superhero Avatar–fun and free!

Create your own Superhero Avatar–fun and free!

Superhero Avatar generator–thanks Marvel!

My awesome friend and Superhero coaching companion Kendra, aka The Authenticator, just turned me on to this fun Superhero avatar creation webpage. It is brought to you by our friends at Marvel.

Using a simple click-and-create interface, you can build your unique Superhero in just a few minutes.

What I suggest though is taking this one step farther by taking time to envision and create an image that actually inspires you, and speaks to your purpose in life.

Be a storyteller and bring deep meaning to all the attributes you choose for your character: why that sword, why that color, why those boots?

One of the most important aspects of personal growth is creating a vision of yourself and your world that inspires and excites you–one that you can feel excited to live for on a daily basis.

So what are you waiting for hero? Awaken your avatar!

Superhero Avatar Generator


A fitting name

When it comes to creating your unique Superhero name, I strongly encourage you to go through the journey of finding one that really evokes your inner essence.

Nonetheless, here are two name generator websites to help you get your creativity flowing:



Next Steps

What to do with your avatar once you have it?

Make it visible in your life!

Print it out; make it your phone background; put it on your vision board–whatever it takes to remind you of your real essence.

Share it with friends.

Don’t be timid–be bold! This world needs your bold you. We need a world full of spectacular Superheroes to counteract the many challenges our global community faces.

Keep expanding and exploring!

This is only the beginning of your journey into heroism. Where this rabbit hole leads, only time and action will tell. Let this image and symbol keep evolving, through a sense of play, purpose and curiosity.

The most amazing, world-changing personas and projects all started with a single seed of vision and possibility.

As Bruce Wayne eventually realized that he would have to become something more than just a man to truly inspire the people of Gotham, so too will you become something more than what you thought you were through the process of exploring your Superhero avatar.

So remember, have fun, be bold, and trust the process!

Powerfully yours,
Eka, aka SuperSpark

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