Meditation Superman Style–Find your Fortress of Solitude

If you’re reading the League of Awesomeness posts, I’ll risk assuming that you already know of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

If not, the quick origin story is this (the simplest of a few versions): A small crystalline artifact was entrusted in the escape pod that bore the baby Superman away from his dying planet of Krypton to Earth.

Years later on Earth, the adult Superman activates this crystal artifact in the Arctic wastelands, and out of it grows an entire crystalline fortress–becoming the secret base of operations for Superman.


Besides being ridiculously awesome, why am I bringing this up? The Fortress of Solitude is where Superman goes for sanctuary, for refuge, for quiet reflection…in short, to meditate. Because even the Man of Steel can feel overwhelmed at times.

This is actually something I love about Superman- so often he comes across as reserved, introspective and even humbly cautious. He often appears more vulnerably human than us real humans do.

I worry because everyone seems to look up to me and it’s making me a little uncomfortable. I can try but I can’t solve every problem. I don’t know if I can live up to this… myth they want me to be.
-Superman, Justice League of America, #6

Though I may not want to admit it, I do know that Superman is not real [hangs head in sadness]. But, there is a powerful lesson here that we can learn from: Think of the great men and women throughout history–the real world-changers and (r)evolutionaries.

If you know their personal stories, you will find that they often sought or seek out meditative solitude to prepare for great challenge or when facing the unknown. And as we heroes-in-training step into greater and greater adventures, so too grows the need to regularly withdraw and recharge.

Not just an empty ice abode…

memory-crystalSuperman’s Fortress of Solitude is not only a place for inward reflection, it also houses many ‘memory crystals’ (pictured right).

These crystals hold great stores of information, both about Superman’s origins, and about the mysteries of the universe. (You getting the analogy here?)

Superman accesses these crystals when he feels he is losing site of his purpose, when he is in need of greater information, or when he feels unsure about a coming challenge.

Superman meditates! You can too!

Superman meditation

from Action Comics #728

Meditation is a super-power all its own, as it clears our minds, allows us different perspectives, and gives us access to potent and intuitive information crucial to our happiness and success. So, now comes the big reveal: The Fortress of Solitude is not somewhere in the Arctic, it’s IN YOU! (shocker, I know)

Even though there is no physical Fortress of Solitude out there, there is an even roomier and more amazing fortress inside of you. So, how the heck do you find the door?

First, let’s fully flesh out the fortress metaphor:

–First, you came to Earth with the potential to create your Fortress of Solitude

–Second, though you have this potential, you must choose to access it

–Third, your fortress is there for when you need sanctuary, refuge and quiet reflection

–Fourth, your fortress is not just a sanctuary, but also a great repository of memory and information for you to call on at need

–Fifth, as you continue to awaken into your superhero self–stretching into new levels of challenge and growth–you will need to utilize your fortress more effectively

Now it’s your turn.


So, what can you do *today* to start creating your personal Fortress of Solitude and have access to it? Learn to meditate, of course!

Basic meditation is way more simple than we often think (though not always easy), does not have to come along with religion or dogma, and has both immediate and long-term benefits.

Join me in the video below to experience your first superman-inspired guided meditation.

Now hero, go forth and be awesome!

Faster than a focused thought! More powerful than calm awareness! Able to soothe all stresses in a single breath! Look, into your mind! It’s a yogi! It’s a sage! It’s you! (as true as it is corny)

The invitation here is to weave meditation into your life: as a formal meditation practice, and as a meditative approach to your daily experience. Its benefits are uncountable and ever multiplying. In short, mindfulness improves every aspect of your life because it improves YOU as the central agent within your life.

Remember, when first creating a meditation practice, how regularly you practice is much more important than how long you practice for each time (generally speaking). Post your experiences or questions below, and keep adventuring.

In sweet, spacious aliveness,
Eka, aka SuperSpark

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