Life Empowerment Coaching

hero3“I must tell you, my life is different since I worked with Eka – better in all ways. He has a special talent for finding the kernel in what you say, quickly, and  the ability to guide you into action.

Both my partner and I have benefited so much from our work with him. We were looking for someone to help the two of us as we were going through some challenges. We met Eka through his amazing bootcamp (I really recommend working with him as your personal coach and doing the bootcamp at the same time – very powerful because one empowers the other). We decided to work with him individually and I feel empowered in my relationship, my work, and in myself. I ask myself how I can feel/be empowered in the situation and it works. This is possible because of my work with Eka.

We sent 6 friends to him, all of whom have been very happy with the work they have done with him. He is mighty and good. If you are looking to feel better about who you are, and want to realize your own greatness, Eka is your guy!  Who doesn’t want that? You will be so happy you read this and decided to take the next step towards your own greatness. Eka has the stuff to make you be the best you. I can’t say enough great things about him.”

-Kate, School Teacher

Hero“I sought Eka out to help me move past what it turns out is my own false image of myself. Through his clear and intuitive guidance, I found that I really did have what it takes to face what is challenging me in my life. If one method of instruction or view point didn’t sync with me, he was always at hand with another approach or perspective to guide me to my next step. It isn’t a one technique fits all coaching and he took into account my own belief systems.

If you are in need of answers to what is stopping you from having the life you want and achieving the goals that seem too farfetched, or if you want to just hang out with a very down to earth and humble man seek out Eka.”

-Braden, IT Wizard and Owner of Savantech Solutions

hero4“I went to see Eka because I was feeling a desire for a change in my life and my friends had recommended him so highly. Specifically, I wanted help dealing with both physical issues (recurring fatigue and pain) as well as emotional stuff (bouts of depression and insecurity). I was already attending Eka’s boot camp at the time and knew him to be a kind, fun, and thoughtful person, but I wasn’t sure what to expect from this type of coaching, and was skeptical that at age 41 I was going to be capable of changing very much.

I was so pleasantly surprised with the results. Week after week, I felt shifts. Some minor, some major, but ultimately, very positive and significant.

Ultimately, I found the experience to be a positive one. This included greater self-love, embracing my inner and outer eccentric, more self-assurance at work, a clearer grasp of what I am looking for in a partner, overall more positive thinking, and a huge boost in my physical energy levels thanks to modifications in my diet.Eka is able to walk the fine line of being very practically minded and reasonable, but has talent for true expansive thought and seeing the potential of new paradigms. In other words, he helped me discover creative and feasible ways to make significantly constructive changes in my life. And then, he empowered me to find those ways myself.

Like any experience, you get what you put into it. With Eka by your side, this is capable of being a great deal. For anyone looking for a safely challenging, enriching, and exciting journey of growth, I cannot recommend Eka more highly.”

-Shazam, IT Manager


“As a life coach, Eka’s style is extremely present and compassionate . He’s naturally disarming and seems to effortlessly create a sense of safety and curiosity. He pulls from an incredible wealth of knowledge and tools that I found to be well integrated and always appropriately and intuitively delivered. In addition, he brought a refreshing sense of humor and lightness within every session.

I originally came to Eka looking for a sense of purpose, to wake up every morning excited to be alive. This was something that somehow got lost from my childhood and it’s absence was becoming increasingly painful. After working with him for several months and as I write this testimony, I now feel this, previously elusive, purpose in my life. Today, I’m doing work I truly love and believe in, I’m more patient and loving with my community and passionately engaged in building it. I truly wake up excited by all this!

I can not thank and recommend Eka enough and will continue to call on him for help in the future.”

-Scott, Software Entrepreneur & CTO at ReAllocate


“I decided to work with Eka after reading his website and enjoying the humor and candor with which he approaches the human experience. When I started working with him, I had some unpleasant somatic manifestations of anxiety, such as trembling and digestive upset, that I had sought help with from other professionals (who were generally unsuccessful in their approach).

I was interested in addressing these issues in a holistic way, preferably without medication. Eka’s unique blend of mind and body connective activities helped me address my symptoms in a very basic way that both reduced their occurrence and severity (within days of starting work with him) and also helped me consider my more general experience in a different light.

Like many people, I have a complex history of psychological highs and lows. Over my life, I have been to several therapists and healers, each with their own set of tools to help me along my way. Although I am still continuing on my journey toward better mental and physical health, I have found Eka’s approach to be refreshingly different from other experiences, in that (as opposed to some types of therapy) he actively gives helpful and insightful feedback, and is openly empathetic.

Additionally, he typically incorporates theory and practice from several different traditions, both psychological and physical. I found the physical and energetic practices to be very helpful in approaching psychological sticky spots, and in this way, Eka has given me a whole new set of tools for approaching life.”

-Dr. Awesome, CTO of a Medical Device Startup

zatanna“Working with Eka as my coach has has given me more energy, more confidence and more enthusiasm about life and it’s possibilities. From the beginning he introduced me to practices that had impact. In fact, our work together helped me to approach a very stressful and intense project with ease that would not have previously been available to me.

When working with him I feel supported by how present he is as well as supported by his laser focused ability to cut straight to the heart of what is getting in the way of my potential. He offers this fantastic balance of uplifting humor, mindful intention and organized professionalism (online scheduling, an online library of your session notes and homework assignments). I also feel supported by the homework he assigns and his check-ins.

Eka and his “Hero’s Training” program will help you to identify that there is gold inside of you and to let it shine unabashedly to the world.”

-Marie, Licensed Acupuncturist, Business-Owner, Warrioress and Visionary

superherogirl“I sought out Eka as a recommendation from my husband. Eka is kind hearted, easy going and intelligent. He is open minded and calm. I felt very comfortable with Eka and it was easy to open up to him.

I feel much more at ease in my body from the work with him and that I was more fully able to heal and integrate my inner child with his gentle guidance.

As a healer, I am very sensitive to energy and am very specific about who I choose to help guide me. Eka is a wonderful coach. I feel stronger and more grounded in my presence after working with Eka.”

-Jen, Intuitive Counselor, Clairvoyant Medium, Reiki Master, Sexual Healer, Owner of Explosive Sexual Healing

“I’m not checked out, I’m not stressed out, I’m not anxious- I can actually show up and be present. My life is so much more abundant and joyful now.”

-Scott, Head of Production, Multinational Retail Store

wondergirl-hero“Anyone that gets to work with Eka is incredibly lucky. Eka’s superpower is clearly seeing what a person’s gifts are, and then helping that person stand in their truth and shine from there.

I found Eka very skilled at reflecting subtle things back, precisely and with care. He was always able to distill the core of seemingly chaotic or disconnected events and energies in my life, and synthesize them back in ways I could then sift through and find flow.

Through our work together, I found confidence to change my habits and perspectives; while certainly not perfect, I can confidently say that now I wake up each day showing up as my best self. On a specific note, Eka’s coaching helped me take the leap and launch my own business in a way that aligns with my higher truths and dharma, and supports creative and financial sustainability.

Eka introduced me to powerful and profound somatic and movement based techniquesto navigate stress and energy management, to explore self empowerment and self love, to come back home to grounding, being present and standing in my truth. I now have a toolbox of techniques I can use for the rest of my life!

I vividly remember the day I met Eka: he had such vibrant, radiant energy — I asked for his card, which on the back read ‘Empowered Journey’. I was intrigued, so made an appointment to have a session. Oh joy for the day our paths crossed, my life is so much richer from the work we did together.”

-Kirthi, Media Producer, Cinemagical Media

ironmanhand-hero“Since completing Eka’s one-on-one coaching and training, I’ve been able to take on at least as much–if not more–than I ever have in my life, without falling into old patterns of fear and overwhelm.  Instead, I am able to respond instead of react, and shift to a different, more helpful story.

I have been able to leave aside things that aren’t really serving me; instead simplifying my life and decisions.  By simplifying, I am able to devote my time and energy to the things and people that are important to me.

What has really changed my life- though it seems so subtle- is seeing a possible vision of myself that is completely different.  I know what it feels like to be living in awesome energy, and though I am not always there, I know how to get back there more quickly and easily.

Because of this shift in vision, I am finally finding the energy and confidence to turn a pet-project into a full-fledged business.  As well, I am now much more at ease and confident with public speaking and speaking my mind in general, while being more receptive to the thoughts and feelings of others.

-Dan, Environmental Lawyer

rogue-hero“Even though I have a rather odd existence (I guess we all do), I have returned regularly to the practices I learned from Eka. I have recently had a profound spiritual shift – an amalgamation of several small shifts, really – and have found the energy, focus, and commitment to blossom in all areas of my life: I have a better job; I am an activist; I have healthier relationships, especially with my partner; and I am enjoying my creativity again (without the angst).

Eka embodies true integrity (seriously, look it up in the dictionary!) and working with him has not only been a great pleasure – he is a role model for those who want to walk their walk – but has also been a wonderful investment in my evolution as a human being.”

-Michele, Paralegal at a multinational communication company

Powergirl-hero“Eka is a very special life coach who understands the energetics of fulfillment and can break the process down into steps that I understand more and more each time we revisit them. Eka’s work is like a time-release vitamin that seeps out slowly into my system and nourishes me in unexpected moments when I need new strategies for dealing with old situations. Suddenly, I remember something he has said or a way of looking at a problem, and I reap the benefits of the session all over again.

Eka gives homework that is very concrete and tangible, like specific body and breath exercises to gain energy and personal power and awareness. He also poses contemplative questions for me to ponder during the week. These questions deepen my sense of how I respond to situations while also giving me an opportunity to shift my belief systems into ones that work for my edification. Why I love working with Eka is that he shows up one hundred percent and is willing to adjust his programs to meet the specific communication styles and needs of his clients. For example, I am a yoga teacher, and meditation is a large part of my own healing process. Eka speaks from his own experiences with these practices and often frames his suggestions in yogic terms so I understand what he is saying from within my own paradigm.

My first impression of Eka was here is a man with a sense of humor who is alive to each moment and not trying to control the conversation, but is also incredibly gifted at corralling the discussion into discrete, very useful pieces of advice and ideas to contemplate. He models how to tune into your heart and body to get useful information from your soul. He listens deeply and will respond to what I am saying by telling me how it makes him feel. He also moves the conversation along when I feel stuck, so my hour with him is rich with insights, new discoveries, and practical things I can to do continue my work between sessions.

His way with me empowers me to find my strength and to remember who I am outside of circumstance. Rather than feeling victimized, I am now curious about how I help create my experience of the world. With Eka’s humor and encouragement and total affirmation of the messy and delightful process of transformation, I am able to do this work without feeling guilty about my choices or badly about myself. In one word, what Eka brings to this process of transformation is a sense of GRACE.”

-Sarah, Author and Yoga Teacher


“From the very beginning Eka seemed very friendly, warm and kind person. Every time I talked to him I felt very comfortable so it wasn’t hard for me to open up to him as a coach.

Life coaching really is an investment in your future you. I was a slave of my old stories and patterns before I started doing my work with Eka.

I was amazed when I noticed for the first time that the way I think has shifted. I became more open-minded, self-aware, focused, self-confident, less stressed and I learned how to find pleasure even in simple things. Eka taught me how to take control of my emotions and find calm when I need to. My favorite part is a great awareness of my mind. It makes my life so much easier!

Eka is a magnificent coach and person. I have no regrets. He is great!”

-Valentina, Freed Lab Specialist

“My individual work with Eka has helped me get really clear that the base out of which my therapist practice will grow needs to be solid and flexible, confident and clear, and yet completely open to see possibilities.

Key concepts I worked on with him were: trusting what resonates with my being and emotional mastery (being able to shift in and out of different emotions without getting stuck).

I highly recommend Eka in supporting your personal empowerment and success. He is on a spiritual path with deep integrity.

Through our work I gained a confidence in trusting my own being in a way that I know will pay off over the years both personally and professionally.”

-Janet, Mental Health Therapist

jadelantern-hero“I have had the privilege of taking classes and workshops with Eka Joti for about six months now–and I totally recommend him as a teacher, mentor, and coach on your journey of authentic growth and transformation!

In the time that I have been working with him, I’ve found my work with him very helpful in cultivating the energy, awareness, and connection to source needed to tackle the stresses of my daily life.  He is very approachable and genuinely believes in what he teaches–taking class from him is a pleasure.  His approach is low pressure and he encourages you to take from his teachings what works for you and leave the rest behind.

I am also part of his League of Awesomeness, so I frequently receive tips and reflections to keep me feeling connected and inspired in between sessions.

I feel ready to enter the next phase of my life–I strongly recommend  him as a teacher, mentor and coach!

If you have a chance to attend one of his workshops, yoga classes, coaching programs, or donation yoga at the park, I’d say go for it!”

-Kimberley, Academic Coach, Advisor, Career Development Facilitator and Student Advocate, U of SF

xena-hero“I’m fortunate to have had several igniters pass through my life; beings who, without fail, catalyze the enhancement of brilliant light authentic Me. With Eka, there is the opportunity for a deeply sensitive and well-trained soul to witness my systematic and skillful approach toward Me. But really, I must make it clear that I am doing all the work, though Eka is certainly working very hard to help keep it that way.

This specific journey with the guidance of Eka that I began in the spring of this year has morphed and reshaped itself several times and continues to do so. At each moment, I’ve been invited to witness these changes and alter the container through which I am viewing my process. Eka has a great way of using language to encapsulate things that are hard to say, and has subtly helped me do that to voice my truest truths.

Eka has been teaching me fantastic techniques to speed up my healing processes (Empowerment, Chakra Dance). After several months of travel and a hectic college life, I feel the positive impact these practices have on my body and mental attitude/acuity. My body now knows what it means to love and be in joy.  Thank you Eka and all of your teachers; and to all those searching for a catalyst of their true potential, try this one.”

-Kasia, Poet, Singer, Artist

wonderwoman-hero“I have cut out laziness and resistance from myself and brought in enthusiasm and willingness to use my energy.  I feel like a new woman.  I have been rising earlier, doing the morning practices each day and feel great.  I am more productive, energized, and content.

Thank you!  I look forward to learning more and more.  I highly recommend Eka to anyone ready to jump-start their life.”

-Angel, Mother and Massage Therapist

Superhero Bootcamp

“The Superhero Bootcamp is epic!

When I joined I was really afraid it would be too much. I haven’t exercised in many years, and I was sure I will throw up after running for more than a couple of minutes.

But Eka and Sariah and their wise professionalism created a great experience for me – balancing support and challenge. Gradually building up the challenge. Feeding us with tons of encouragement and inspiration, and generally helping us manifest the superheroes we are.

I wish it was longer than 6 weeks.”

“What made a huge difference for me was the way we were taught to integrate the challenges and difficulty we came across in boot camp with the challenges that we meet in real life.

Through mind-body instruction and visualization techniques actively incorporated into the training sets, I was given the tools to take my newfound perseverance, focus, and courage into other aspects of my life, and for the first time since entering the mental health profession felt that I was able to thrive in my work without becoming zapped of energy–something I didn’t believe could be possible for me for many years to come.”

“When I signed up for Superhero Bootcamp, I was pretty nervous to get up at 6am and be yelled at and do lots of strenuous things like push-ups and squats. I envisioned overachieving Type A leaders reminiscent of my New York days. But something in me was telling me to do something totally out of my comfort zone, so I signed up anyway.

Well, immediately I knew it wasn’t going to live up to my nightmares. I actually found myself loving being part of this pod of sweet early morning go-getters. I loved the encouraging and supportive tone of our leaders, the endorphin rush, the feeling of walking home feeling exhausted at 7:30am with my whole day ahead of me. By the second week, I couldn’t remember why I had been so worried. This was a great experience – it pushed me, but to my great relief, never even close to the point of throwing up.

Eka and Sariah (and now Sara) are gentle people who create a safe, encouraging environment in which you can challenge yourself to go further than you’ve gone before – physically and mentally. By the end of the six weeks, I felt stronger and happier, and when it was over, well, I missed it. So I surprised myself by signing up for another six weeks. This boot camp will kick your ass – but in a kind, loving way. Awesomeness.”

“I am not a hippie, and I dislike the outdoors.  

And yet, this bootcamp is awesome and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for more happiness in life.

I honestly have no idea why it works or how they do it–all I know is that it does.  And the physical fitness aspect is just a side benefit–sure you’ll end up more fit and toned at the end of the term, but you will also have more self-confidence, feel more centered, and more in touch with your life’s purpose.  You may even look forward to waking up at 6 AM.

Just check it out.  You’ll be glad you did.”

“An ideal bootcamp for those who want to develop a deeper connection to their bodies, build strength and endurance while also changing the habit patterns of the mind to a place of excitement within yourself about how to approach life.  It’s so rockin…”

“I chose this bootcamp because of the intentional integration of body, mind and spirit. I was not disappointed. I was actually surprised at how the integration manifested both overtly and as a subtext. Eka is really skilled in ways that are better experienced than explained.”



“I made a New Year’s resolution to develop a weekly yoga practice, and I likely would have ditched the goal by now if it weren’t for Eka’s warm and welcoming mindful yoga class.

After a hectic week in a fast-paced office environment, I appreciate Eka’s focus on stress relief, breathwork, and using self-exploration to develop our yoga postures. I leave class feeling more calm and centered, invigorated, alive.

Eka’s teaching style is at once challenging, inspirational, and accessible, and his passion for bodywork and personal growth is infectious. He encourages us to test our limits, revel in the ‘messiness’ of the unknown, and learn through the various levels of each pose and sequence. Eka’s yoga class is now something I look forward to every week. He is truly an inspiration!”

“Eka is an inspiring, sensitive teacher. I have been attending his yoga classes for about a year now…and while I can’t comment on his work as a life or exercise coach, it doesn’t surprise me in the least to hear all the positive reviews he gets in those areas as well.

As a yoga instructor he is compassionate, humorous, and knows when to push a little and when to back off; this includes an innate skill in pulling folks just a little bit out of their comfort zone to where they might find (and/or speak up about) something new in their lives.

He also balances physical and emotional concerns (and comments interestingly on the link between the two) very well. And finally, in teaching his classes, he pulls from various strands of yoga to create a well-balanced whole. Thumbs up!”

“I had been taking yoga classes off and on for several years when I took my first class with Eka. Even though I had a fair amount of yoga experience, I really enjoyed Eka’s Beginning Yoga class. I found that Eka’s gentle and light-hearted class allowed me to really focus on proper alignment in each pose and challenged me mentally to take my meditation to the next level.

When I started working with Eka, I was in a very transitional time in my life; I had recently started a new job, I was beginning a new relationship, and I was in the process of moving. In addition to the physical benefits I experienced, I believe that regularly attending classes with Eka also helped me emotionally to maintain a sense of calm through all the chaos.

Eka has a warm and caring nature that promotes self confidence, mindfulness, and positivity among his students.”

“Eka is a true professional. His breadth of knowledge and expertise in his profession is truly incredible. Eka’s passion and desire to help and teach others is clearly evident.

I attended his yogic breathing workshop in Oahu and was thoroughly impressed. I wouldn’t say I’m advanced at yoga, but I’m also not a beginner. In taking his workshop, I was looking to enhance my current practice, and that is precisely what it did. If he lived in Hawaii, I would definitely go to more of his classes and workshops, and would highly encourage others to do so too.

Throughout the past couple of weeks I’ve implemented many of the breathing techniques he taught us, both in every day situations, and also in my yoga practice. These techniques have noticeably enhanced my practice, as well as helped me to de-stress at work, and relax deeper into meditation. Eka mixes his spiritual expertise with his scientific background, taking his teaching to a whole other level. 

If you are looking for a challenge and to learn new techniques to enhance your yoga practice, or life in general, look no further, Eka will not disappoint!”

“Eka’s hatha yoga class is a joy to be a part of. Each week I look forward to the welcoming and safe space he creates, where I deeply relax and am supported as well as challenged in my yoga practice. Eka’s teaching is filled with humor, wisdom, awareness and a lightness I always appreciate. I leave feeling more centered, grounded, and prepared to handle the challenges in my daily life. I am so grateful. This experience has far surpassed my expectations of what a yoga class could be.”

“I first met Eka at the beginning of my yoga journey. Never having gone to a yoga class, I was a bit nervous and unsure if I would like yoga. I went to Eka’s Intro to Yoga series and instantly saw the benefits of yoga. His relaxed and fun way of teaching made me want to keep doing yoga – in fact I took his 4 week intro series twice. I then went to other studios and teachers.

After months of yoga, I wanted to step back and slow down and make sure I was doing the poses correctly. I remembered Eka and his friendly and open demeanor and thought he would be perfect to teach me one on one.

The private sessions were great! We were able to go over poses of my choice, really slow down and look at my alignment. He even showed me how to modify poses to my abilities. We could stop at any time and he would answer all my questions. I recommend Eka if you want a relaxed, fun and informative way to enhance your yoga practice.”

“Eka teaches with attention to each person in the class, and I am impressed by his clarity in teaching about the physiological effects of each posture.   In addition to the focus on the physical, Eka is very attuned energetically.  I each class feeling inspired to keep opening and learning.”

The result for me, even after just one yoga class, was a clearer mind, greater confidence, a feeling of groundedness and strong, even energy.”

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