7 Minutes to Vibrant Health–Warm-Up Exercises

As a personal trainer and stress/wellness expert, people often share with me their health situations. And, I almost always encourage some form of physical movement, embodiment or just simple warm-up exercises.

Yet I cannot tell you how many times the response I get when suggesting this is some version of ‘I just don’t have time to stop and stretch. I’ve got too much to do.’

Well, in the name of being an excuse-destroyer, I have created a simple, quick and powerful sequence of warm-up exercises.

Behold! the 7-minute embodiment

Introducing a 7 minute (or less) practice from our Superhero Bootcamp warm-up that hits all the major points for physical wellness and longevity:

• Spine stretching and strengthening

• Stimulating and toning abdomen/digestive organs

• Rejuvenating major joints

• Inducing circulation and venous return

• Stretching and strengthening long muscles

• Bathing the brain and body in oxygen through prolonged full breathing


Opportunities to embody

The other great excuse I often hear is ‘Besides the gym, I don’t have anywhere to really exercise’.

For obvious reasons based in self-insecurity, people feel really exposed, out of place, weird or like they are causing an imposition to others.

Take a moment and reflect: when you see someone exercising in a public place, how do you feel about this?

I have spoken with a lot of people on this subject, and the two biggest responses I get from this question is ‘amused’ and ‘inspired’.

Well heck, I think we could all generally stand for a bit more amusement and inspiration in our daily lives.

Remember, as League Superheroes we believe we are here to discover all the ways that we can turn our daily life into a training gym of awesomeness.

Here are just an example of the interesting places you can stop for a few minutes of exercise:


• Green space (big or small) near your job

• Under a tree in an urban area

• In your office room or available office spaces (check with the boss first!)

• While taking public transportation (SF represent!!)

• In a deserted gate while waiting for a flight (headstand ya’ll!)

• At the back of the airplane (the attendants are usually happy to accommodate, if not a bit amused)

• In your office bathroom (I’ve done this many times when I just need to get out of a physical funk and don’t have any other options)

• On a friggin crosswalk sign in Times Square!

So know that the excuse of having no place to practice is exactly that–an excuse! Get creative; see your surroundings as a training gym; your wellness is worth it!

On to the warm-up exercises!

Fellow Hero, please share with the League your go-to exercises for staying balanced throughout your workday and beyond. And, share with us where you find the time and space to practice. Your findings may really help another that is struggling.

Taking a stand for your optimal wellness,
Eka, aka SuperSpark

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