Eka teaches with attention to each person in the class, and I am impressed by his clarity in teaching about the physiological effects of each posture.   In addition to the focus on the physical, Eka is very attuned energetically.  I each class feeling inspired to keep opening and learning.

Hatha Yoga

Is the science and art of maintaining a vibrant physical body for the purpose of realizing inner and outer freedom. Spanning many different practices, it is a super rich system that is focused on practical maintenance of the body. It includes:

  • ShatKarma: cleanses for the eyes, ears, mouth, throat, skin, digestive organs, sinuses, lungs…
  • Yoga-Asana: collection of physical postures that stretch, tone, stimulate, cleanse and balance
  • Pranayama: specific breathing techniques that makes you aware of your breath, while increasing its capacity, relaxation, and potency
  • Tantra: cultivation and control of subtle energy through mental focus, visualization and emotionality for the purpose of profound transformation.
  • Mantra: practices of vibration, vocalization and resonance to focus and transform

In my classes, I mix all of these components, with a focus on physical fitness, stress management and physical healing.

Come to my yoga classes:

  • If you want a body you can trust and feel good in
  • If you want to strengthen your mental capacity
  • If you want to visit your doctor and pharmacy less
  • If you want to move through a life transition more smoothly
  • If you are moving through hormonal changes such as puberty, menses, menopause, etc.

The cornerstones of my approach to Yoga:

  • Holistic Fitness: including mental and emotional development in physical fitness
  • Tensegrity: ‘tensional integrity’, the engagement and balancing of opposing forces to create heightened integrity
  • Solar-Sacral Battery: awakening the power of the core and spine for deeper strength, longevity, flexibility, concentration and healing
  • Sukhasana: ‘seat of sweetness’, finding the internal posture or attitude of sweetness, which I define as ‘judgement-free, relaxed and curious alertness’
  • Play: embodied research into the state of play and its effects, fun/wonder/spontaneity/adaptation
  • Subtle Circuitry: development of the sensitivity and control necessary to strengthen the flow of body energies (udana, prana, samana, apana, vyana) and the conductivity of the inner energy channels (nadis/chakras)
  • Body Gratitude: direct connection to feelings of love and appreciation for your physical body

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